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What Is AMPI

About us

AMPI is an acronym for the Association of Marine Pilots of Ireland.

We are a non profit organisation who promote professionalism among pilots in Ireland. We work closely with the European Marine Pilots Association  and the International Marine Pilots Association to exchange and desimintate information to members with the goal of improving profesional and technical proficency.

What are Pilots?

Pilots guide ships from a desiganted area usually the approaches to a port to a designated berth or anchorage area within port limits.

We are best seen as public servants who do not have vested commercial interests in either the ship or the port but whose main concern is the safety of the ship, its crew and the protection of the environment.

We accomplish this by working closely with the ships Captain and crew when navigating all vessels on their final approach to its port of destination within the state of Ireland.

Pilotage is a mandatory service in all Irish Ports. We are regulated by local port regulation and the Harbours Act of 1996.

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