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AMPI Mission Statement

AMPI’s Beliefs:

  • A pilot’s primary obligation should not be to the ship-owner or Master as a private service provider, but to the public represented by the Port Authority that appointed or licenced him or her and the state that created the pilotage act.

  • Pilotage is a service that operates in the interest of public safety and the protection of the environment.

  • Pilots provide independent dynamic assistance to the ships they guide as well as information about the surrounding traffic.

  • Pilots are closely involved with the development of Irish, EU and IMO maritime safety policies.

  • Pilots as per SI 656 of 2010 have an public obligation to report to the Marine Survey Office, where in the course of the pilot’s normal duties that there are apparent anomalies which may prejudice the safe navigation of the ship or which may pose a threat or harm to the marine environment, the pilot shall immediately inform the competent authority by the quickest means possible.


  • To provide professional and safe pilotage.

  • To promote the education and training of maritime pilots as per IMO A960.

  • To ensure continued proficiency and cooperation among members.

  • To build on the profound Maritime Experience of its members.

  • To ensure the Medical Fitness of Maritime Pilots.

  • To work with Vessel Traffic Services (VTS).

  • To work with Port Authorities and Harbourmasters on both technical and safety matters.

  • To advise the state on changes to national law and maritime policy within the remit and experience of our association.

  • To work closely with and assist where possible the European Maritime Pilots Association and the International Maritime pilots Association.

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